Three Major Criteria When Writing Compelling Content

compelling content

In our blog post titled Why Quality and Original Content is King we’ve talked about the importance of writing engaging topics for your site. As that piece revolves around the reason behind such strategy, now we’ll be talking about how you can write compelling topics consistently.

Starting a Blog is Like Jumping Off a Cliff

starting a blog

Standing on the edge of the cliff, you look down and see the crashing waves beneath. The roar and spray of the water as it collides with the rocks. The wind gusting on your face, pulling at your hair, all the while your heart is galloping in your chest.

Retargeting: Marketing Strategy Deja Vu

retargeting strategy

Ad stalking. Ever experienced that? You browse on the web, see an ad on a website, log on Facebook, maybe post a tweet or two, and noticed that the same ad earlier are suddenly everywhere. It’s like déjà vu. Don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy. This “ad stalking” is what online marketers call retargeting.