Ad Optimized Blog Templates – What does that mean


Is your blog template optimized for advertising? Both template designers and blog owners need to keep in mind that many bloggers want to make money blogging and ad optimized blog templates are the way to go. Unfortunately, many bloggers post numerous ads on blogs that were not designed for that purpose. They place ad blocks on their sites with no defined layout in mind, and it’s the blog content and attractiveness that suffers. A blog that displays many ads, crowded into too little space will often be confusing to the eye and may even end up chasing away potential readers.

Good-looking Blogs
It is possible to have a blog layout that is attractive, spotlights post content, encourages subscribers, has prominent navigation, provides easy social bookmarking options and still manages to provide a significant number of advertising opportunities. Not only that, if it is well designed, an advertising optimized blog template will keep almost all of it above the crease of the page. Visitors will be able to read the content without problems, and owners of the ads will also be satisfied with the increase in traffic. Simply – a win/win situation, and that is why it is so important to have a blog template that will accommodate the ads in the perfect manner.

Importance Of Having A Strategy
Does this sound too good to be true? Well it is true, and it can be done, but it requires some thoughtful planning on the part of the designer and a user who shops carefully for their blog template. As we all know, a strategy is important in almost everything we do in life, and the same applies to blogging. After all, blogging can be a serious business activity, and you need a reliable and carefully-planned tactic to make everything work the way it was supposed to.

SEO StrategiesHowever, plans and strategies are not the only things you will need if you want to create a blog that is AdSense friendly and has an intuitive layout. The importance of user-friendliness can not be stressed enough, and we all have to make sure that our pages have short loading time and that the sites are as responsive as possible.

Fast loading website is something that will definitely attract and keep a customer, and this brings financial benefit to the owner of the blog in the end. If you incorporate a template that is suitable for distribution of ads – your chances of making a high profit from blogging will significantly increase. Due to the sophisticated algorithms that Google employs when ranking the pages, it is sometimes hard to establish stable and long-lasting rules, but it is proven fact that ad optimized templates will bring a lot more visitors and a lot more money towards you and your blog.

Christopher Reed
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