As a Blogger, How Do You Measure Success


Regardless of what you have been told, blogging is a business. Business owners learn early on that to make their business successful it will require them to be surrounded by talented people. Technological solutions and gadgets may play a small role in the entire process, but it is human resources that are the most valuable segment in successful business activities.
One of the key components I think we all have to recognize among the popular, A-List bloggers is their proficiency to harness their resources into successful online endeavors. Those resources include the fact that these bloggers are qualified and professional in what they do and they are also driven by the desire to reach their goals just as much as you need to be with your aims and ambitions.

Your Resources
bloggerAs a new blogger, you are taught to keep your nose to the keyboard and churn out content as if you were an online newspaper; and also that everything (the money, the traffic) would just come naturally. Hard work was its own reward and that if “you built it, they would come.” That would be the basis for how you would conduct your blogging efforts online.

When I first looked around the blogosphere, I had a very jaded view of other bloggers. I thought they had egos the size of their RSS counts, were very dismissive, and very selfish. So, I acted just like them. And when I did, I failed miserably at everything I did online.

Over time, I adopted a new approach. I started spending more time on other blogs and blogging communities. I responded to my reader’s comments with new fervor. When I began to discover who these mysterious people were that had blogs like mine… and I interacted with them. When I got to know them, I realized that the opinion I had of them was wrong – dead wrong.

Online community
I began to reach out to this new online community and felt compelled to make a positive impact on them. The more I committed to this growing network, the more I received in return – ten times over – without ever asking. Suddenly, I was able to overcome barriers that had prohibited me before. I became more successful with every new blog, every affiliate site, every e-commerce site, etc… and without realizing it, was building a team of my own.

Online community

The importance of teamwork and cooperation is enormous in any line of business, and even though it may seem that blogging is a very solitary profession, the complete opposite is true. In fact, online communities of bloggers who share the same niche or the same interests are growing by the day, not only in numbers. They have an impact on the overall society, and this influence is slowly changing the world, which can have multiple effects on our lives in general. Blogging can take you to places you never even dreamed off, and with a little help from your friends – everything is possible.

Christopher Reed
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