How do I create video memes?

How do I create video memes

How do I create video memes?

Ever since the first Lolcat appeared on our computers with the question, “Mona me cheezburger?” (I can have cheezburger?), we’ve become obsessed with memes. They are perhaps the most responsive medium on the Internet, reflecting public attitudes toward important world events, from the U.S. election to the birth of baby Yoda. They also have an incredibly broad reach that includes a large number of generations of writers and viewers. This year, for example, 74-year-old Dolly Parton launched her own viral meme.

Thus, they are a success on the Internet and reach a wide audience. This makes memes a great (and fun!) marketing tool for your business. In this publication, we’ll show you how to make video memes in Clipchamp Create. We’ll also share links to our meme templates if you want to save time. Forget the confusion with online meme generators and follow our simple guide.

What are memes?

In its simplest form, a meme is an image or video with text superimposed on top. But it’s actually much more than just images and text. Memes have the unique ability to capitalize on iconic moments in culture and create viral content, be it politics, movies or just a grumpy cat. In essence, memes are associated with instant recognizability, and it is this defining characteristic that allows them to be quickly adapted and spread across the Internet.

Visually, memes have grown and become very diverse. Nevertheless, the classic look of memes never gets old – clear large font, thick upper and lower borders and some deliberate spelling errors added in moderation.

How can meme marketing work for your business?

Social media has overtaken most traditional forms of advertising, and with the right strategy, advertising on it can target thousands of users every day. Unfortunately, just because an ad will be seen doesn’t mean users will be interested in it. According to Forbes, users are becoming increasingly averse to ads, especially when it comes to their social media feeds. That means you need content that really engages users – that’s where memes come in.

The average millennial views 20 to 30 memes a day, and examples show that memes can have up to ten times the reach of traditional ads. With that in mind, there’s one easy way to start using memes to promote your business.

What apps to use for video memes?

Show something fun to have a hearty laugh with your family and friends. Laugh till you drop and add a touch of personality and good humor to priceless video curiosities with Canva’s video meme builder.

Fun video memes for everyone

Every now and then something funny and ridiculous happens in this world, so why not get creative and create a funny Internet meme? Got yourself in a funny situation? Let everyone laugh at it. Have a funny joke you can’t wait to share? Tell it to the world. Or just have fun with video memes that turn online conversations into comedy.

With Canva’s video meme generator, you’ll have something to laugh about in no time. Turn the usual static memes into funny videos. Find a photo or video of yourself with a “million-dollar reaction” and post a funny caption to capture the moment. You can even add animations and comic graphics and then save them in MP4 format to instantly share them with others. Use video memes to captivate your subscribers and increase your brand awareness among the online generation.

How to create a video meme

Start your benefit with Canva

The first thing you do is open Canva and search for “Video Memes.” Start editing right away without logging in, or easily log in to an existing account.

Complete it with a fun layout.

Create a video meme “from scratch” or take inspiration from ready-made templates that can be filtered by type, color, and style. Our intuitive video editor helps you customize any layout with just a few keystrokes.

Have a sense of humor with our library

Find fun items to complement your witty design. We’ve got millions of design photos, videos, illustrations, stickers and other graphics. You can also upload content from your own gallery. Finally, experiment with different fonts to make your video meme truly unique.

Spice things up with animations

Set your video apart from the usual memes. Add some excitement to your video with motion effects. Use “shift”, “slide”, or “pop” as you prefer. You can add animation to an individual text or element, or apply a spectacular transition effect to the entire video meme.

Download and share

Make everyone laugh out loud or create a new online hit. When you’re done with your video meme, share it immediately via social media, right from the editor. Want to add it to your next video blog? Download it as a high-resolution MP4 file for use in other projects.

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