What is KeywordLuv and what does it do?


KeywordLuv is a plugin that allows you to add keywords to your name link when leaving a blog comment. Keywords are believed to be more powerful for describing page content accurately to search engines.

How can commentators make the best use of KeywordLuv?
When you find yourself on a KeywordLuv, to enable the site you will need to type your name in a new format. You will type your name, the at symbol (@) and a few descriptive keywords. To get the most benefit from the search engines that will follow your link back to your site, you must choose the best keywords. Let’s say you know a guy named Greg and he has a blog about pizza and pizza recipes. How would he go about leaving a comment on a KeywordLuv enabled blog?

Comment-Luv-PluginThe name of Greg’s blog is “That’s A Spicy Pizza.” Catchy name, but not really as keyword rich as you would like for the search engines. Ask yourself a question: “What is it that potential readers for this blog would search for?”. It is unlikely that they are going to search for the blog by name, they are more likely to be searching for “pizza recipes.”
So, to make the KeywordLuv name more effective, your friend should use his name (Greg) plus good descriptive keywords after the at symbol. In Greg’s case, “pizza recipes” would be good keywords to use in the comment form name field: [email protected] recipes.

The benefits of backlinks
Of course, everyone in the blogging world is aware of the importance of “link juice,” and backlinks are a great way to earn valuable points and climb higher in the Google rankings. The placement in SERPs is crucial for your business and your brand, simply because more visibility means more traffic, which in the end leads to more profits for both the owner of the blog and the advertisers.

KeywordLuv is designed to boost your page rank and to make your website more visible. Choosing the right keywords and applying the perfect phrase will make your blog more visible, and in other words – Google “spiders” will pick up your website name and create a backlink that will have a long-lasting effect on your rankings. Blogging is a business, and these “tricks” and tactics are an inevitable part of applying a proper strategy.

If your desire is to have a blog that will be fruitful and attractive to visitors, you have to work on improving its performances. KeywordLuv is one of the techniques that will boost your points, and this is one of the most significant advantages of this plugin. Commenting on other blogs is something you simply have do on a regular basis, and having a plugin of this quality can make the process more efficient and fruitful.

Christopher Reed
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