Keywords For Blogs Increase Your Reach To The Masses

This article is just a quick introduction to keywords for blogs. Some people say that bloggers don’t need keywords. The premise being that because a blog is always changing, the search engines can’t help but notice them. But that is only true up to a point. If you were running a business would you not advertise it? Of course, you would. Otherwise, how would you grow your customer base? Think of keywords for your blogs posts as an advertisement.

Another argument offered up as a reason to not worry about the use of keywords is that blogs are social publications. Supposedly people will find your blog through social networks and blog promotion activities. While these activities are integral to increasing the visibility of your blog, they are not the only tactic you should be using to reach the maximum number of blog readers. Blog promotion must be coupled with proper search engine optimization (SEO) tactics if your blog is to reach its true potential. That’s where keywords step onto the scene.

A search engine acts as a middleman between your blog and your potential readers. When a user enters a keyword into a search engine, your blog post is more likely to show up favorably in the search engine page results (SERPs), if your keywords indicate a good match for the searcher’s request.

Keywords For Blogs Increase

You are selling your blog short if you don’t make any attempt at SEO and keywords are a powerful tool that is freely available. If you really want readers to be able to find you when they perform search engine searches, then you need to use keywords in your posts. And that means understanding what keywords are, finding the best keywords for your post and using just the right number in any given blog article.

What are keywords?
Keywords are a word or any group of words that tell a search engine what your page is about. Not your site overall, but a single page. On a blog, this means you need to consider your keywords on a post by post basis. Each post you write will be more visible in search engine page results (SERPs) when you make the proper use of keywords.

How many keywords do you need?
Keywords For BlogsGenerally speaking, between 3 and 6 percent per blog post. Any more than that and the search engines may think you are spamming. Choosing and using keywords for blogs is a challenge, on account of the changing topics in each post. But it can be done by simply developing new habits and making use of free tools to help you research, use and choose your keywords efficiently. For instance, a lot of tools are out there which can help you with keyword frequency, and some of them are available for free use. With the aid of these plugins and tools, you can check the rate and percentage of your relevant keywords, and this will allow you to optimize your page additionally.

How do you find the most efficient keywords?
Finding keywords is a little bit art and little bit science. Again, there are many free tools to assist you in the search for the most effective keywords for your blog. One of the simplest techniques is to look at highly successful blogs in your niche and assess their use of keywords. What works for them may give you a better idea of what keywords and keyword phrases will work for you. Of course, blind copying will not work here, and you have to accommodate the appropriate keywords with your marketing strategy and the overall blogging tactic that you are trying to apply.

In my next post, we will take a closer look at how you can choose the right keywords for your blog. Hopefully, the guidelines that will be displayed will motivate you to pay more attention to the keyword selection process, and this will boost your blogging results and overall rankings. Without good visibility in the SERPs, you will not be able to attract a broad audience, and you will have trouble creating trust and authority in your particular niche

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