Peculiarities of promotion of gaming sites and online casinos

Peculiarities of promotion of gaming sites

The gaming industry annually evolving, so it should not be surprising that now with enviable consistency began to appear various game sites. They are not only very popular with users, but also bring good profit to their owners if they have been properly “promoted.

And no matter whether it’s a site for a particular game, an information portal, or a resource with online games. All these types of gaming sites should get the proper search engine promotion. Let’s see how to do this.

Basic nuances

It should be understood that now social networks – this is the best place to promote the resources of any subject. The exception, of course, will not be game sites where you can open cases KS GO, so the first point of promotion can be considered advertising in social networks. This can be either separate ads or create a thematic public or group, which will be duplicated all the news from the main resource.

In addition, it would be a good idea to promote your site with articles and various reviews or reviews of any game that will be published on third-party resources with backlinks. This white method of promotion is welcome by search engines and is very productive when you need long-term results.

Of course, you should also take care of a good design and usability of the portal, which in addition will attract users who want to re-visit the resource or recommend it to friends.

It also does not hurt to register the site in various directories and social bookmarks, as well as bother about other ways to build its link mass. Good positions in search engines are not earned immediately, but only through painstaking work, so we must approach this issue responsibly and use only proven methods of promotion.

Promotion of online casinos

Promotion of online casinos involves many difficulties. High competition in the area requires comprehensive and killer solutions and the law limits these solutions. How to promote online casinos and not to fall under sanctions, we tell in this article.

The specifics of the promotion of the gaming site

Many countries regulate casino advertising more strictly than usual, and in some it is even forbidden. Rules are vague, the violation faces administrative or criminal liability. Therefore, the promotion of casinos requires the work of experienced and legally trained professionals.

Why is it important? Compare 2 slogans:

  • “We have the highest odds.”
  • “Thanks to our high odds you will get a high profit.

You can use the first one, but you can’t use the second one. According to the law, it “gives the impression that participation in games is a source of income”. Penalty.

How to promote an online casino?

Because of the high competition online casino promotion should be comprehensive. We have selected the most reliable and effective tools for gambling business marketing strategy.

SEO promotion of online casinos

The site is ready, the software is bought, the license is designed. You start up, but after a while you realize that no one goes to the casino, except your employees and people who have a direct link. It’s all about the fact that your site is not visible in Google.

In the search results online casinos are competing not only with other similar sites, but also with bookmakers, totalizators, lotteries. To appear customers, you need to run a powerful website promotion game topics. Optimal option – to start with the thematic low-frequency queries.

Before you promote online casinos, SEO-optimizer works on the structure of the site. It is necessary that visitors do not just come to the site, but also become customers. To do this, the specialist issues a ToR to improve the structure, usability, design, and content of the resource.

Affiliate programs

An affiliate program is the placement of advertising materials and links on third-party sites and sites. It fulfills the function of PR and SEO promotion, which, among other things, requires external links.

affiliate marketing

Advantages of affiliate programs for the promotion of online casinos:

  • A guarantee of return on investment. Affiliate program contractors get paid for results. These are conversions, sales, traffic. If the performer does not bring clients, then he does not receive remuneration;
  • Minimization of risks. The performer’s actions are limited by the ToR, in which the advertiser prescribes the requirements for the audience to be attracted (gender, age, interests). It is also acceptable to describe what can and can not be used in the promotion.

You will get maximum efficiency if at the start you involve several performers, and after a while, you choose the most effective.

Promotion of online casinos on social networks

SMM is one of the most effective promotion channels for online casinos. There are many advantages of social networks:

  • Million target audience. It gathered on Instagram and Facebook with one goal – to have fun. It is easy to sell online casino services under the guise of another source of fun;
  • Constant contact with subscribers – the average internet user under 29 years old spends more than 3 hours a day on social networks;
  • Targeting – the option to show ads to a specific audience based on specific parameters;
  • Opportunity to cooperate with bloggers – authoritative personalities whom people trust.

To promote online casinos on social networks, you need an SMM specialist. What will he do? Make a promotion plan, maintain a business account and run targeted advertising.


Context is the ads that are shown on the Internet to potential customers. Google sets strict requirements for online casino advertising. In particular, the text of the ad must comply with local laws, shown only in certain countries to persons over the age of 18.

The composition of the contextual ad has to be approached carefully. On the one hand, the headline should be catchy and provocative, and on the other hand, do not violate the laws. Promotion of the gaming site – a complicated matter. Have to teeter on the brink, and it is better to trust this specialist. The game is worth the candle – contextual advertising brings customers instantly.

CRM system

To get more out of Marketing-strategy, it is better to know your audience. To do this, a CRM system is “bolted” to the site, which collects and structures data about visitors. With its help it is possible to:

  • automate the work with popular customer requests;
  • to create and segment the base;
  • speed up service;
  • to attract the audience to you;
  • control the work of employees of the institution.

Email marketing

Email is another way to communicate with your customers. Using e-mail marketing it is possible to inform operatively about new bonuses and programs, to give gifts and in every way to stimulate visitors to come back to online casinos.

In order to use this method of promotion, it is necessary to gather a client base. This can be done with the help of a CRM system, pop-ups, web ads, and contextual advertising. Since users are not always willing to share contacts, they are incentivized with promises (such as receiving bonus coins and chips).

To increase audience loyalty and increase the time spent on the site they use special marketing techniques. For online casinos it can be:

  • access to VIP tournaments;
  • additional bonuses for funding a virtual account;
  • freespins;
  • individual limits.

Progressive jackpot draws are often involved.

Unconventional ways to promote the online casino industry

Share non-obvious ways of promotion, which have repeatedly shown effectiveness in promoting online casinos:

  • Collaborate with themed trade shows and online conferences. Arrange to place an active link to the site in a prominent place;
  • Use business social media tools to monitor competitors’ actions. This will identify the most effective tools you can use in your own business strategy;
  • Adapt the site to a mobile format. More and more users are surfing the web via smartphones;
  • Capitalize on seasonal marketing – promote your site heavily during quarantines and vacations, when your target audience has free time.

When diving into the world of online casinos, customers want to make sure everything is legal. Upload a license and other official documents to the site to increase audience loyalty.

It is worth remembering that the target audience of gambling sites is young people, who are usually all present on social networks. That’s why once again I want to emphasize the promotion of resources in social networks, where there is a chance not only to maximize the audience of visitors but also to get a decent search engine placement, which will be an excellent indication of the popularity of the resource.

Casino promotion is a long and multi-step process, which requires knowledge of the legal framework. The best way to guarantee a return on investment in advertising – is to contact the professionals.

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