Why Quality and Original Content is King

Today, it’s quite the challenge for fledgling online business owners for their company to take off. While there are a lot of tools that they can use to leverage them from competition, these tools are also being used by the competition. So how did the successful ones climbed up?

Content Creation

In the past years SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords was vital to drive traffic to your site. Today, however, they aren’t as effective as they once were. Don’t get me wrong here, they still have their uses, and successful business owners still incorporate them into their content.

The problem with an unsuccessful business is that they’re still using obsolete strategies that most have already abandoned. Overusing of keywords is one.

Keyword stuffing is a no-no

If you’re an avid article reader you’ll notice that some pieces in the web have a lot of awkward sentences on them. This is because they’re trying to fit as much keyword in the article as possible.

If the content you’re reading is about marketing strategy, you’ll find that those two words are carpet bombed on the whole piece. This is to encourage Google to rank their article higher up the search engine result page.

But this isn’t the case anymore. What Google wants is the relevance of your article to the user searching for a particular topic.

Let’s stick with marketing strategy as our subject.

So someone on the web is searching for “marketing strategies”, or more specifically “marketing strategy that works”.

If your article is about this topic and is addressing multiple facets of it, most likely Google will rank you up higher than the other ones published. It’s important to remember that writing an article isn’t about keyword stuffing anymore, but rather the overall relevance and quality you’ve written.

Synonyms and appropriate language

Use synonyms and appropriate language that is commonly used in topics such as marketing strategy. Do not be afraid of alienating your visitors by using obscure words. Why? Because chances are the person who’s searching for marketing strategy already knows the jargon revolving around it.

Integrating this style in your content also increases your legibility of being a real expert in the field and not just someone who’s blowing smoke up his ass.

Another benefit of word variation is that not everyone will type “marketing strategy” in the search bar. Others may place “online business tactics”, or “blueprint strategy for business owners”. This will widen your reach, as well as smoothen the flow your article.

Sharing and word of mouth

Original and quality content will not only attract readers to you, but if you’ve made great points throughout your piece they’ll most likely share it on their own social media. That’s free advertisement, my friend!

However, do not overdo it. Make sure you’re not sending in deluge of articles to your following. Once or twice a week is good enough. Also, writing about the latest news in your niche is essential.

Last is your mindset. All great things take time. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Just keep at it and one day you’ll sit back and realize that you’ve already made it.

Christopher Reed
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